How I Reduced Invalid Traffic Deduction on Adsense by 95%

As a full-time blogger, Google Adsense is a major source of my income. Even If I am not fully dependent on it as I equally use Sulvo ads and Affiliate marketing, Adsense still plays an important part.

Google Adsense introduced “Invalid traffic Deduction” in payments almost 2 years back in 2015 and I have been seeing a small amount deduction every month. But this amount became large after few months and it even crossed $200 when earlier this year. It was a big amount and it was over 20% of my whole Adsense income of a month.

According to Google, you are not allowed to by traffic from cheap traffic selling websites and this kind of traffic is marked as invalid traffic. It was not in my case.

I tried asking on few Facebook groups and Google groups but everyone blamed social media traffic for this. I was not satisfied with the answer because the traffic source on my blog is genuine and most traffic comes from Google’s organic results.

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I started checking the history of my Adsense payments and deduction and made a graph of it to understand the reason of this increment in deduction. This helped in understanding the primary reason of this.

I started blogging alone but after I launched Techlomedia Gadgets, I also made a team and later I Incorporated company to manage all blogs and website. Techlomedia Gadgets require daily updates as it shows mobile phone specs, photos, videos, reviews, and comparison. So, a team of few people daily put hundreds of views while verifying and testing the data. So, my team was unintentionally giving Adsense ads hundreds of impressions.

This was the deduction of Month February.

Adsense Invalid traffic dedcution

I was not sure if this is the reason, but I had to act. So, I opted for ad blocker on all the systems in the office. Being true, I always suggest my team to whitelist genuine websites because I also know how badly it affects a web publisher. I also started using an ad blocker to stop giving impressions to my own Adsense ads. I did that in the first week of March. After waiting for the whole month, it worked. In the first week of April, Google just deducted $2.2 from my Adsense account.

Adsense Invalid traffic dedcution

Next month, this amount was less than $2 and the similar case was for next to next month. From that time, My Adsense invalid traffic deduction never crossed $5 in any month.

Final Words

In my case, it was due to so many invalid Adsense impressions from my side. But this cannot be the case for everyone. You need to identify the source of traffic and then try to fix it. Google is fair and it never tries to cheat but always slaps if you do something wrong. So, try to be fair with Google and you will surely enjoy Good earning.

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Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.

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