Remove Unused Image Media Sizes from Your WordPress Site

Remove Unused Image Media Sizes from Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a useful blogging platform with lots of features. To make your website faster, it creates different thumbnails of website to use at different places on the website. But most of those thumbnails become waste if you change the theme. It is because different WordPress themes use different kinds of image sizes for thumbnails.

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Keeping those unused images make the website’s size large and makes it hard to take backup or transfer the website. So removing the unused image sizes and images help a lot in optimizing the website.

If you want to know what image sizes your WordPress theme is using, you can use WordPress function wp_get_additional_image_sizes(). But it is useful only if you are a developer. If you are not a developer, you should focus on removing the unused images and media sizes.

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Remove Unused Image Media Sizes

The easiest way to remove any unused media image sizes is the use of Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. This plugin forcefully regenerated the thumbnails of uploaded media files and generate thumbnails only those which are needed. It also deletes the existing thumbnails.

Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin only removes the unused media image thumbnails. To remove the unused images, there is another WordPress plugin DNUI. It looks for unused images and then deletes all unused images to make space on your server.

Final Words

Now you know how to remove the unused image media sizes in WordPress. Use the given ways and clean your server to make free space. By increasing the free space on your website, you will make it easier to take backup or transfer your WordPress website.


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