Remove Unwanted Toolbars and Search Installed in browser with Junkware Removal Tool

Most of the free Windows Software come with junkware and adware packages into its installers. So, after installing these software, you will see that your browser settings have changed automatically and your default search is now something else.
Most of the people generally hit next button at each step of installer while installing a software. In one of those steps, it asks permission to install these junkware like Babylon, Blekko, conduitm ask and many other kind of search toolbars in the browser. And most of these search toolbars are very hard to remove and need geeky skills to properly remove. In previous posts, I shared many tools to remove these kind of junkware and adwares. Today, I am again sharing a similar kind of tool that helps you in removing these kind of Junkware from your system. This tool is called Junkware Removal Tool or JRT.Junkware Removal Tool removes common adware, toolbars and unwanted programs from your computer. This tool has ability to remove these programs:

  • Ask Toolbar
  • Babylon
  • Blekko
  • Claro / iSearch
  • Conduit
  • Crossrider
  • DealPly
  • Delta
  • Facemoods / Funmoods
  • Findgala
  • Globasearch
  • Hao123
  • iLivid
  • Iminent
  • IncrediBar
  • MocaFlix
  • MyPC Backup
  • MyWebSearch
  • PerformerSoft
  • Privitize
  • Qvo6
  • Searchqu
  • Snap Do
  • Swag Bucks
  • Wajam
  • Web Assistant
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Zugo
  • and many more..


Junkware Removal Tool

This tool not only removes these software, it also removes the files, folders, registry keys and other traces of the software.

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It checks all the sensitive areas of the system like startup, processes, services, registry, browser settings, and other modules. After the full scan, it will automatically create a lot file on your desktop. You can see this log file to check the scan results.

Download: Junkware Removal Tool

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