Resize or Crop Images With These Online Tools

Image Resize tool


Sometimes we need to resize a photo for uploading in a form or other, but we do not have Photoshop in the system. In this case, we need a tool that can help us in resizing or cropping photo according to need. Few people prefer Paint for this work. It is true that paint can solve your problem. But there are few online tools that you will give you better result. You can use these free online tools to resize of crop your photo. In this post, we are adding few online tools. You can use all to see which suits your work.

1. Reshade

Reshade.com comes with a nice tool to crop or resize image online. It also has option to enhance your image. You can either upload image or specify the URL of the image. For resizing images in batch, you can download the offline Windows app.

2. Quick Thumbnail

Quick Thumbnail

Quick Thumbnail is another nice tool that you can use to crop an image or resize it. You can either resize the image by percentage or use fixed size to resize. It also has some standard sizes to use. It also has an option to specify the URL of the source image. This tool also has an option to watermark the image with specified text.

3. Pic Resize

Pic Resize

Pic Resize is another nice online tool that lets users resize, crop of add special effects to photos. One can either upload photo from the system or via web. It also has an option to perform all image actions in bulk to multiple pics.

4. Web Photo Resizer

Web Photo Resizer - tool to resize images online

Web Photo Resizer is the most powerful listed in this post. It can reduce image size, crop photos, rotate, resize, convert to b/w and many other things in on click. This tool also lets perform all action for free without need to register for an account.


5. Resizr


Resizr is also a nice tool that you can use to customize your image online. You can resize image, crop, rotate and add image effects for free. It also has options to share your image on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest. You can also send it to mail or your phone.

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These are few online tools that let users resize phone online for free. There are many other similar kind of tools available but you can get desired effects with any of the above mentioned tools. Use these tools and share your experience with us via comments.


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