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YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website. It is used by millions of people daily where they watch video daily. Not only music videos, YouTube also has hundreds of full-length movies but it is hard to search in millions of videos. If you are only interested in movies, try Zero Dollar Movies developed by popular Indian blogger Amit Agarwal. Zero Dollar Movies is a collection of full-length movies uploaded on YouTube.

What is Zero Dollar Movies?

Zero Dollar Movies is the web app developed using YouTube API to collect full-length movies. If you are interested in watching movies on YouTube, you should visit this website in place of visiting YouTube. You will be able to search movies in better way.

Search And Watch Movies On YouTube With Zero Dollar Movies

Zero Dollar Movies has the collection of 15,000+ movies organized by years or release. So, you can easily search movies of your interest. You can also search movies by language including (English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu). At the top right side, you see a select box. Use this to filter movies by release year and language. It has Instant search features which start searching as you start typing your search query.

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In video search results, you can see the red and green bars below the videos thumbnails. It indicates the ratio of likes to dislikes. You can use the rating to decide whether to watch the video or not. If Red has the winning ratio, you may skip the video. In this way, you will be able to select a better movie to watch.

If you find any video removed, you can use flag video link below the video. It will help the Website owner to know the issue and remove the video link from the website.

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This app is amazing and I recommend you to try this if you like movies. I got success in finding various movies I was initially searching on YouTube. On YouTube, sometimes videos are not of a full movie but on Zero Dollar Movies, all videos are of movies. So, you will get better results.

Visit: ZeroDollarMovies

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