Search Images By Size in Google Images New Layout


Google Images is a popular way to search images online. Previously it offers a useful “Search By Size” option that helps users to find images of exact size they need. This feature was really useful for designers who need images of a specific resolution.

Now, After the new Google search layout, Google has removed the left side bar from the search results page. All search options are now added to the top with “Search By Size” option. But “Exact Size” search option is not there. You are forced to select given size options from the list.Although Google has removed this option, you can still search images by exact size. You can do this by using  “imagesize” search operator in the query.

Imagename imagesize:widthxheight

Taj imagesize:500×300

Search Images By Size in Google Images New Layout

Once you press enter to search images, Google will remove the imagesearch operator from the query and show image results of the size mentioned by you.


This operator also works on mobile version of Google.


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