How to search for any menu option in MacOS


Have you ever been in a situation when you are looking for menu option but you are not able to find it. Thankfully, MacOS offers you the search for menu options. This can be any menu option of any software on MacOS.

Take Google Chrome for the example. Suppose I am looking for the menu option ‘Extensions’ and after checking the menus, I am not able to get it. In that case, I can use the search option to look for this option.

Just click on Help menu and see the first option “Search”.


Start typing the option you want to search and it will start suggesting. If you see the relevant option in search suggestions, just hover it and it will show you the exact location of that menu option.

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Search Menu option in MacOS

Now you know how easy is it to search for a menu option in Mac OS.

Before you start searching for a menu option, you should at least know that the option exists. The easiest way is to know the keyboard shortcuts of those options, but remembering too many keyboard shortcuts is also not an easy task.

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Next time when you are looking for a menu option and are not able to find it, just search for it.


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