Searching for Gifs, Try Giphy


Searching for Gifs? Yeah we search for cool Gif images for sharing with friends on instant messages or tweet.Gif is an image format that was introduced in 1987. You may always find these images in web pages as the format is very popular on www. Gifs are most widely used for short animations which we like and want to share with friends. Its always hard to find the a perfect gif animated image we want. But it can be easire now with Giphy.

Searching for Gifs, Try Giphy

Giphy is a new kind of search engine that allows users to search Gif images. Visit the website and search for the images you are looking for. And it will show you gif images related to your search term.

You can either save the file to your hard disk and then upload it to various social media website where you want to share, or simply use giphy share link of the image and share it directly with the share link.

At home page, it also shows most popular Gif images which you may find interesting.


It has only a simple Gif images search so there is nothing to say about this. Go and find what you are looking for.

Try this new GIF search engine and share your views with us.



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