SEMRush Review : SEM Tool for Keyword Research And Competitors Analysis


In my four years of blogging journey, I learned so many things about SEO. I learned the importance of keywords which a new blogger usually ignore in beginning. If you are not using right keywords, your good quality post will not get good traffic from search engines. Because you are not targeting those keywords which generally people search in Google or other search engines. SO, you need to target for right keywords and then your posts will start getting traffic from search engines. And especially focus on long tail keywords.

You will also see few of your competitors getting better traffic but you are not sure what keywords they are targeting. In SEO, Keyword research, tracking keyword ranking, backlink status and checking competitor ranking is most important. Here, comes the importance of a tool I have been using for me and my clients for past few months. This tool is SEMRush.

I tried many SEO tools in past but few really impressed me a lot and I am using those tools for a long time. One of those tools is SEMRush. This is the best tool for keyword research and competitors analysis I ever used. And I recommend this tool personally. In this post, I am adding my views about SEMrush. You can also see it as SEMRush Review after using it for a long time.

Over the years, this tool has added more valuable data to make it a must have tool for SEO professionals. So, I keep on updating this SEMrush Review article to add more recent findings. It will help you in knowing more about this tool.

SEMRush Review: SEM Tool for Keyword Research And Competitors Analysis

Before I start with SEMRush Review, you should know more about this tool. SEMRushSEMrush Review helps you in finding keywords for a website in ranking good in the search engine. You can find organic or paid keywords of any website for free of cost. You can also see organic and paid traffic of a website. So, you can also use this tool to know how much organic traffic a website is getting and from which search engine. But free access has many limitations. If you want to use this tool effectively, you must upgrade to the pro account. In the free account, you will only be able to access limited data and you will have daily access limit.

Now let me start with the basic usage of the tool. Just search for any website for which you want to know the keywords. It shows traffic graph, SEMrush rank, Search engine traffic, keywords, and competitors. Just click on the full report under keyword section to know the full keywords list. You can easily check the growth of any website in past few months or years with this tool. Just check the graph showing SE traffic rate by months or days.

I am adding the screenshot of, popular WordPress tutorial website. You can see different sections on the dashboard with quick stats in each section. In traffic section, you can change the time interval to see the growth of a website. You can see how much organic traffic a website is getting. By default, it uses the Google US database to show organic traffic. Now, this tool has expanded its reach to more country specific search traffic database. Recently, It also added Google India traffic which was missing from the beginning.

SEMrush review : Keyword research tool

Check Organic Keywords of a website in SEMrush:

Under the organic keywords section, you can check the organic keywords of a website. It shows keyword, position, search volume, CPC of that keyword, URL of the ranking page, traffic % of your total search engine traffic, estimated cost for Adword campaign, total search results and few other things. You can also sort for any of these columns to get desired stats. This will help you in finding the best keywords of a website. Now you know for what keywords a website is ranking.

SEMrush keyword research

If you are looking for keywords related to a specific topic, you can also search among these keywords. This tool can also be used as keyword position checker. You can also track the backlinks for any URL on a website and then plan accordingly.

If you are using free SEMrush trial, you will not be able to see the whole list of keywords. This is why I said that pro account is the must if you really want to get benefit from the tool.

Competitors analysis

You can also find potential competitors of a website with this tool. So, use this tool to find what are the competitors of your website. If you search for your website, it will also show you the list of websites that are ranking or same keywords your website is ranking. So, you can quickly see who is competing with your website. It shows the common keywords and competition level. You can also check the other keywords and Search engine traffic of the competitors. In this way, you will be able to know what keywords are driving traffics to your competitors. You can create a proper strategy to use the same keyword on your own website and outrank your competitors.

Not just keywords, you will also be able to check the backlinks of your competitors. This helps in creating backlink strategy. You will know the places from where you can easily get backlinks.

If you are a blogger and think that your blog posts are not getting good traffic from Google search, you should surely try this tool to find best keywords with low competition. You can also use this tool to find high CPC keywords and then write articles on those high paying keywords. This can help you in improving your AdSense revenue.

You can try this tool for free but for full advantage, try selecting any pro account and I am sure you will never regret. I personally use SEMrush paid account and use it on the daily basis.

Why should you use SEMrush?

There are various reasons why you must try SEMrush if you have a blog or online business which depends on organic traffic. You can lot more things with this tool. Basic things are:

  • See organic and paid traffic of any website
  • Track keywords which are bringing traffic to other websites
  • Keep track on your organic traffic
  • Keep track of keyword positions
  • Find high CPC keywords
  • Backlinks analysis
  • SEO audit of your website
  • more..

Signup for SEMrush FREE Account 

I hope this SEMrush review convinced you to try Semrush. SEMrush is useful only if you are using the premium account. If you are not using the premium account, you will only be able to see limited data. So, you must upgrade to the premium account and see how it helps you to grow your online business.

If you haven’t tried this too, try it once. If you are an existing user of SEMrush, share your views about this tool with us via comments. I hope this SEMrush Review helped in knowing why you must try SEMrush once. Best thing is that the tool is online, so you will always have your reports and data with you if you have the internet.

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