Send Self Destructing Tweets with Efemr

In UseThisTip, we have already covered ways to send self destructing notes and self destruction email address. Now, we have another nice service that lets users to post self destructing tweets. Twitter is a popular microblogging website. It is the biggest source of breaking news. People share whats happening in just 140 characters. But after 2-3 hours, your tweet has no value. No one pays attention to a old tweet. So, posting a self destructing tweets also makes sense.

Send Self Destructing Tweets with Efemr

Efemr is a nice service that makes self destructing tweets possible. This service works on the hashtags, so you need to know how to tweet self destructing tweet with Efemr. Visit Efemr and signin with your Twitter account. Authorize the app to access your tweet and you are at the dashboard.


Now, you need to know how to send self destructing tweets. Write the tweet and add a hashtag with expiry time limit. If you want your tweet to be deleted automatically after 5 minutes, use hash tab #5m. To mention time in hours, use h. So, if you want your tweet to be deleted after 1 hour, use hash tag #1h. Use hash tag according to your need.

Send Self Destructing Tweets with Efemr

See the sample Tweet in the snap above. I tweeted a tweet with expiration time of 1 minute. But Efemr says, “Due to the different time zones and third party servers response time, efemr may not be able to delete tweets at the exact time chosen. There may be a delay of approximately 1 to 3 minutes.”

As company accepts the delay, my tweet was not deleted in 1 minutes. I have to wait for 13 minutes. After deleting your tweet, it adds deleted tweets in Efemr archive that can be found in dashboard.

Send Self Destructing Tweets with Efemr

In archive you will found a Retweet link. Clicking on this link will post the tweet again with same expiry tag hashtag. So, the new tweet will again be deleted after the specified time span.

Use this nice tool and play with your tweets. Efemr is a nice tool if you do not want to keep your tweets for longer time. But the added timespan hashtag may confuse your followers. Still, it iw worth to use.

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