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If you ever ask me about a complete SEO software bundle, I will suggest you “SEO Powersuite.” Yes, this is true. This is a desktop based SEO software bundle which comes with different tools for different SEO tasks. If you were searching for SEO Powersuite Review, you are at right post.

Few days back, I came to know about a company which offer various SEO tools. You can either buy these tools individually ($299.75 for enterprise) or buy the complete software package SEO Powersuit ($699) with all tools. You can download it for free and use few features. But you will have to buy activation of the tools for you to use the full power of tools. Without using premium features, you will never get the benefit.

If you are offering SEO services, I recommend you to use this tool. You can download it for free. But buying the license will unlock all features.

Downloading the whole package will bring you various tools.

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. WebSite Auditor
  3. SEO SpyGlass
  4. Link Assistant

After using these tools on my blog, I am surprised with the features and performance of the tools.  So, I decided to write a review and share the power of this tool with my readers. So, read the whole article to know how this tool performs.

SEO Powersuite Review: A Complete SEO Package

In SEO Powersuite Review, we will be covering all software which comes in the package.

1. Rank Tracker

As the name suggests, this tool helps you in keeping an eye on your keywords and ranking. Keyword rank monitoring is really an important and touch task. But this tool makes the task really easy.

Use of Rank Tracker is easy. Just create a new project, add the domain, authorize tool to access your analytics data, select search engines and see it working.

See the snapshot below:

Rank Tracker- SEO Powersuite Review

SEO Powersuite Review - Rank tracker

Once you authorize analytics account, It will fetch your good ranking keywords and ask you to enter keywords which you want to track. Once you enter those keywords, it will start fetching the rank of those keywords in different search engines you selected.

SEO Powersuite Review - rank tracker scanning

Rank Tracker offers:

  1. keywords in your website.
  2. Progress graph on different search engines you selected
  3. History record of your keywords
  4. Ranking data of your keywords on different search engines.
  5. Visibility graph
  6. Keyword research
  7. SEO PPC analysis
  8. Keyword difficulty.
  9. And various other things.

These are the various options in the tool

Options in rank tracker

This tool also has an option to suggest keywords. Using this will suggest keywords which you can use in your blog.

With RankTracker tool, you will be able to do proper keyword position tracking on different search engine of your choice. If you know how to use the rank tracking tool, you can get most out of it.

2. WebSite Auditor

Website Auditor is the second important tool in this bundle. Like previous tool, you also need to create a project here for your website. Then it will start scanning your website. It scans your website and check various ranking factors including links, titles, headings, indexing, redirects, and other. The scan process will take time.

Website auditor SEO Powersuit

Once it has finished crawling your website, it will show you the report. You can analyze the report to find the issues on your website and start working on fixes.

I found content analysis section very useful.

You can also create complete audit report and send it to the client. Reports will be white labeled in enterprise edition.

Website Auditor offers:

  • All links on page
  • Broken links
  • HTML errors
  • On-Page factors analysis.
  • Indexing status in various search engines.
  • Social media popularity.
  • Most popular pages on your blog.
  • Duplication titles.
  • Meta description errors.
  • Redirections

3. SEO Spyglass

Optimizing your website is not enough. You also need to spy on your competitors. There are various services available which let you do this. One recommended tool is SEMrush for this. But SEO Spyglass is also one the best tools available for spying on your competitors.

You can either start with a keyword or direct the website link of your competitor. Enter the website of your competitor and it will pull all the backlinks with anchor text. By analyzing this data, you can get an idea of your competitor’s backlink strategy.

Along with the backlinks of the competitor, it offers these options.

SEO spyglass

You can check how many links your competitor got on the home page of different websites, how many of blogs, how many from link directories and traffic coming from those backlinks. This data will help you know the link building strategy in the better way.

SEO SpyGlass Offers:

  • Back link analysis
  • Follow vs. no follow data
  • Traffic from backlink
  • Link penalty risk
  • Anchor text of backlinks

Seriously this tool is awesome. You will get almost every single piece of information you would like yo know about your competitor’s backlinks.

4. LinkAssistant

Link Assistant tool aims to make link building easier. Basically, it was designed for link exchange, but you can now use it for more things. It seriously makes link building easier and much faster.

Just click on “Look for the partner” and select the appropriate option in the dropdown.

Link assistant

Select keyword, enter the keywords and let this tool fetch the link building opportunities. You can select the one of multiple URLs and click on next to start link building.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.27.52 AMYou can send email to link back request. This tool also has a build-in email section where you can manage your emails and reply from the partner. Try to build few good link building partners here.

So, You do not need to go and find websites for link building. You can easily find relevant blogs by entering keywords and then approach them. You can either ask them to link back or suggest a guest post. It depends on you how you convince.

  • Link Assistant offers
  • Search Relevant blogs for link building
  • Send then outreach emails
  • Check if any of those websites link back to you

This was the SEO Powersuite Review with the explanation of all 4 key components.

My Verdict

If you are planning to focus on SEO part of your website, I will recommend you to buy SEO Powersuit with the license as per your need. This package comes with all the tools you need to start your SEO campaigns. Buy this tool and do not forget to share your views about this tool with us via comments below. I hope you find this SEO Powersuite Review useful.

Buy SEO Powersuit

This was the review of SEO Powersuite, one of the best SEO software available in market. If you have anything to ask, you can comment below.

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  • Chetan Gupta says:

    Hey Deepankar

    Indeed a great SEO powersuite post.

    SEO Powersuite is really a great SEO tool which saves lots of time and efforts. When I used it for the first time, I was just shocked to see that how a tool can provide so much facility and can make link building easy.

    I must recommend this tool for everyone. 😀

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