Seomator Review: An Impressive On-Page SEO Audit Tool to Improve SEO of Your Website


On-Page SEO is very important for the ranking of your web pages on Google or other search engines. If you are creating a new website, you should make a checklist of different on-page factors and check each new page you will be publishing. If you already have a website and want to check its pages for finding issues with on-page SEO, I got a nice tool to discuss. This new tool is Seomator. Not just on-page SEO, it also tells you few off-page SEO issues as well.

What does Seomator check?

Seomator checks different on-page SEO factors and tells you if there is anything wrong with your website. It also checks your backlinks and organic presence.

It checks Content, Sites structure, structured data and crawls the whole website to find broken links. Canonicalization issues, Redirection issues and more. It notifies if you have copy content issues, Over-optimized page content, too many external links and issues with Over-optimized page content or Structured Data.

So, it makes SEO consulting easy and affordable. If you are a startup, you can try this tool in place of hiring an SEO agency.

SEOmater Features

How to use Seomater?

This is a could-based tool. So, you do not need to download anything. Just visit, buy a suitable subscription based on your need and start using. Subscription starts at $5.

Seomator Review

I am personally using this for my website and found it a great tool for finding and fixing on-page or off-page SEO issues.

When you first create a project for your website, it takes some time in crawling and listing issues. The time depends on the size of your website. You do not need to stick to the same page. You can close the page as it sends you an email notification when it has done preparing a report for your website.

Seomator Review

The report is being categorized into different sections to make it easy to understand and easy to work on fixes. You can start working on tags first, then internal links, content quality and so on.

It heavily focuses on content quality and tells you the possible issues on pages. SO, you know what page has what issue. And you can easily work on individual pages to fix everything.

On-page SEO

Another interesting section is the Page speed. Here, you can sort the pages by the decreasing page size to know what pages are large and if there is a possibility to reduce the page size and improve its load time. You can also check reports of individual pages to find its load time and text analysis.

If your website users structured data, you can check if its implementation is fine or not. Most of the websites now see major traffic from mobile devices. So, Mobile usability is an important section to check if your website is proper on mobile devices.

Links play an important role in SEO. Internal links are also very important to pass juice to important pages of your website and link to relevant pages. In the Internal link section, you can easily see the number of links, text links image links, their nature and issues if any.

Link reportYou can also export different reports in CSE format to analyze it offline. You can also connect your Google analytics to get better stats about different things.

You can also create a PDF report of the whole report. There is also an option for white label report. This is important for SEO agencies. You can use this tool for your clients.

Final Words

Checking individual pages for different kinds of SEO issues is not an easy task. It takes enough time and effort, but you will surely miss lots of things as well. This tool is really impressive. It saves time and provides a detailed analysis of different things. If your website has a large number of pages, this tool really makes sense and shows its power.

I am personally using it for all my websites to find and fix SEO related issues. I also recommend you to try it as well.

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