Should You Buy Backlinks For Your Website?

Buy backlinks

Backlinks play the key role in the ranking of a website in search engines. Google’s Page Rank algorithm and domain authority algorithm also consider it as a key factor. This is the reason most of the people always try to improve the backlink portfolio to get better domain authority and ranking. I have seen people too much desperate for links. I also receive many emails for guest posts just to get backlinks. Most of the times I avoid publishing guest posts because I do not want to link any website and I only accept guest posts if the content good enough to share with readers. Still, I appreciate the efforts of those people who always try to get backlinks by writing guest posts and producing high-quality content.

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But what about buying backlinks? I have seen many people discussing about buying backlinks in various forums. There are also various people offering high PR backlinks on Fiverr. See the below screen shot.

Buy backlinks Fiverr

Many people are involved in buying or selling backlinks. But it still a matter of debate To buy or not to buy backlinks? I was thinking about writing on this topic for long time but I was not able to get this much of time due to the workload on Techlomedia and few personal works. I have been surviving for more than 4 years as a full time blogger. In this long time, I have also seen various ups and downs of SEO. I am writing this complete article about backlink buying based on my personal experience.

Why do people buy backlinks?

People buy backlinks because of many reasons. Primary reason is that they cannot see their backlink portfolio growing. Most of the people involved in buying backlinks cannot wait long and want instant result. Sometimes people buy links if they are not sure how to work on link building to get good ranking. I have seen various forums where new bloggers are desperate in buying links. These are the people who just came into blogging and want to earn instantly from their blog.

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Should You Buy Backlinks?

If you are quick and short reply from me, I will say ‘No’. You must be away from link sellers and link buyers. Even you should avoid selling links for paid posts. Google started slapping websites involved in selling links since 2007. It does not matter how big or small you are, you will get slap. But, let me focus on link buying thing only. I will discuss link selling in separate post.

If you are planning to buy link, you should know few things. Most of the link sellers use forums profile way to create mass links. There are thousands of forums where forum users can add website link to their profile. This link will be visible in their profile and few forums keep those links as dofollow. Are these backlinks useful? ‘No’. All these backlinks are considered as low-quality backlinks.

Quality of backlink is more important. Focus on quality backlinks in place of having more number of backlinks

This is why almost all Fiverr gigs are just waste of money. You are going to ruin your existing ranking. I also read a good case study on ShoutMeLoud ob buying links from Fiverr. I recommend you to read that. This post describes the risk of buying links.

Most of the link sellers claim a lot but they truly bring trouble.

How to buy backlinks?

If you are thinking to go with paid backlinks, you should avoid buying links in bulk. Google always keep these things into considerations. Google is taking care of link sellers an buyers for around 9 years. Sudden increase in backlink portfolio means Google will keep you in its checklist. A single wrong signal will bring a big Google slap. So, you should avoid buying backlinks in bulk. If you are ready to pay, you should pay on guest posts. If you are not following guest post way, it means you are not capable of writing so many good posts for other blogs. You can pay to writers and get good quality posts ready to use as guest posts. Many people also offer guest post services in which they charge for posting guest posts on few high quality blogs with backlink to your blog. This kind investment in buying link is safe. Because you can control the quality of links you are buying.

If your website is worth to mention or your product is good enough to get a review or mention, you can also ask few big blogs to write about you.

Focus on quality of content in place of buying links

Content quality matters a lot and it helps in getting natural backlinks. While writing this post, I also mentioned a post of ShoutMeLoud and gave backlink to it. This is because the post was worth to mention. Quality of post brought another backlink for that blog. Even if this link is nofollow, it also matters a lot. So, focus on quality of content and guest posts to increase your visibility.

Avoid buying backlinks and specially in bulk

If you have anything to ask, you can comment below to discuss.

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