How to show affiliate ads in place of ads blocked by Ad blocker in WordPress

show affiliate ads in place of ads blocked by Ad blocker

Ad blocker is one of the biggest problems of web publishers. Due to ad blocker, advertising revenue of webmasters is going down. Visitors are consuming content but they are not contributing to the revenue. As a web master or blogger, or web publisher, you can only worry about that but cannot do much. You can only ask visitor while list your website or block people from visiting your website who are coming with the ad blocker installed in your browser.

There is another solution which I found on various discussion forums. You can actually show affiliate banners in place of blocked ads. In this way, you can fill that empty space done by ad blocker with an affiliate banner. Although it is not the exact solution, but showing affiliate banner can at least try to fill your lost revenue if you get sales.

There are various solutions available for this. You only need to play with JavaScript code if you want to implement this in your blog. If you do not know JavaScript and use WordPress, I have a solution. Yes, I have a perfect solution.

I updated my “Easy Adsense Injection” plugin and added the capability to set the alternate affiliate ad. In case your ads have been blocked by ad blocker, this plugin will automatically put that affiliate banner in place of showing the blank space.

Use of this plugin is very simple. With this plugin, you can put ads at any place in your theme or blog post with the help of shortcode of given functions. For every single ad, you can set the alternate ad.

How to add alternate ad

Just visit the settings page of the plugin by navigating to Settings -> Easy Adsense Injection. Here, you will see 5 different sections for 5 different ads. In means, you can only use this plugin to set at most 5 ads.

affiliate ads in place of ads blocked by ad block

Below every ads text are, you will see a text are for the alternate ad. In this alternate ad, you need to put the alternate ad code.

Important things to remember:

Do not put ads of any other ad network in this section. Ad blocker will block it. You should also not use the affiliate banner code given by different affiliate programs. The best way is to upload banner on your server and clock link. The put it similar to what I did. In this way, your affiliate banner will be safe from ad blocker.

Another important thing to note that you must not use ads word in the image name and this word should also not be in the URL of the banner. It will be blocked.

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This plugin is available for free. So, you do not need to worry about anything. If you are existing user of this plugin, your existing ads will not be affected.

With this plugin, you will be able to bypass ad blocker and show affiliate ads.

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