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Sulvo Review: Try It If You Are Frustrated With low Adsense Earning Even With Good traffic

Sulvo, Best Adsense Alternate


Many bloggers use AdSense to monetize their blog as it is the most popular ads network. But Adsense is also a mystery to solve. You cannot just put ads and expect it to give you best results. Most of the people struggle to get good CPC. This is the reason bloggers usually target US and UK as the primary traffic source. Traffic from countries like India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries always see low Adsense CPC. This is because advertisers spend less money here. Now, it becomes frustrating you are getting close to half million page views but fail to generate $$$$ from Adsense.

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People who know me, also know that I primarily blog on Techlomedia. That is a tech blog which usually keeps me busy and hence I get less time to post articles on this blog. Techlomedia sees very good traffic and Adsense was the primary source of income. I was satisfied with earnings until I decided to scale and hire more people to work for me. I felt that traffic is increasing but earning is not increasing in the same ratio.

After doing research of few hours, I found that ads placement is fine but direct traffic is the primary issue. Most of the traffic comes in the form of direct traffic. These are the regular readers who are well aware of ads position. These kind of visitors are less likely to click on ads due to ad blindness.


Now, what could be the possible solution for low Adsense earning?

Most of the people who get good traffic but less CTR due to regular direct traffic, they try CPM ads. But I cannot even try CPM ads due to very low CPM rates. As Techlomedia gets around 90% traffic from India, no CPM ad network was even ready to pay me $0.20 for 1000 impressions. It was pretty low due to Indian traffic.

So, I decided to focus on affiliate revenue and got success in increasing the revenue. In the same time, I tested few ad networks and found a good alternative for AdSense. This Ad network was even better than Adsense and I decided to make that Adnetwork as the primary ad network for my tech blog.

I am talking about Sulvo. I am sure you have not heard of it. But this Ad network is so impressive, you will surely get good results. I used many other ad networks, but I decided to write about this as it is new and many few people know about it.

Disclosure: This blog has less traffic as compared to my other blog, so I am not using sulvo on it

What is Sulvo?

Sulvo is another ad network for those who think that their current Ad network is paying low. Before I start writing my experience, you should know that they claim to pay $500 if you do not see the increase in revenue.

Sulvo Ad network

Sulvo has basically a CPM based ad network which pays for the ad impression. Although they have now started showing click metrics in stats (CTR), the ad impression is the primary thing they consider. This is the Sulvo Review and I will be expressing my honest eexperience with this ad network.

Sulvo Review

As I tested it in my blog, my testing was for Indian traffic. Now guess how much eCPM saw? It was more than $1. Yes, It is true. And for traffic like US and UK, you will surely see much higher eCPM. See the snapshot below.

Sulvo Earning report

Initially, I tested it by replacing only 1 Adsense Unit and then I was so impressed that I replaced most of the primary Adsense units and put sulvo. 

Main advantages of using Sulvo

1. You have the option for different kind of ad sizes including Responsive ads.

Responsive ads is a necessity now. You cannot compromise with user experience just for ads. Unlike most of the other ad networks, Sulvo gives you the option for responsive ads. So, your website will still be user-friendly even on mobile devices. Ads will not ruin the user experience.

Sulvo ad units

2. High eCPM

You see High eCPM even if you get traffic from countries like India. So, you do not need to worry about clicks. If you are getting good traffic, your earning will increase even if your visitors are not clicking on the ads. See the eCPM and earnings screenshot below.

This is for pure Indian traffic.

3. Timely Payment

They pay in once you have achieved the minimum threshold i.e. $100. Their payment cycle is similar to other ad networks. One month they take in verification and then they pay in next to next month. For example: For earning of month July, they will pay you in September’s payment cycle.  They pay via Paypal.

See the snapshot below for Sulvo payment proof.

Sulvo Payment Proof

4. 5 Units per page including 1 sticky ad unit

With sulvo, you can put 5 ad units per page. If you are also using Adsense along with it, you can put 5 units in combined including sulvo and Adsense.

It also allows you to put 1 sticky ad unit per page. This is not possible with AdSense.

Important thing to note before using Sulvo

1. Ads which are visible at the top get high eCPM. So, try to put ads above the fold. But, I do not recommend you to put too many ads before content. So, think wisely and see how you can put ads above the fold

2. Sulvo claims to be the replacement of Adsense. And it supports only Adsense as an Ad network. You cannot use any other ad network along with Sulvo. While I was not using any other than Adsense, I got no issues in moving away from Adsense. If you use any other ad network, you will have to replace that ad network with sulvo. Using it with any other ad network can put your account at risk. Even they suggest not to use DFP. Google is also inventory buyer in Sulvo, you do not need to put Adsense and Sulvo both.  There is no issue if you use any affiliate banner or direct ads.


  • High eCPM
  • Timely Payment
  • Responsive ads


  • They approve only high traffic websites

Sulvo Payment Proof

I use it in one of my blog and only on selected pages just to avoid my adsense earnings affected. But this ad network is still working best for me and the eCPM is still best.

See the earnings snapshot below.

Sulvo Payment Proof

Final Words

Now you know a lot about sulvo. If you think your website can be eligible for Sulvo, you can give it a try. You can visit Techlomedia and see ads there. Sulvo ads also put their name just below ads. So, you can easily recognise the ads by sulvo. I am seeing good revenue from them and recommend you to try it once.

Sign up for Sulvo

I hope this Sulvo Review article helped you. If you have anything to ask, you can ask via comments.


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