Simple, light and flexible Social Media Sharing buttons Plugin “Share Button”


All social network offers their own sharing buttons. So, you can use their official sharing button plugins to integrate those sharing buttons in your website. But these official sharing buttons takes time in loading. It also injects JS in your page and makes rendering of your page slower. This is the reason few people also third party sharing plugins which offers fast loading social media sharing buttons. “Share Button” is also a similar kind of social media share button plugin.

This new social media share plugin is easy to use and does not inject may JS in your page. It also does not load anything in IFRAME and makes the rendering of your page faster. Installation and usage is also very easy. You only need to include on JS file and create an empty DIV in your page where you want to add share button. Be sure to add a class in the DIV. This class will be used to call the plugin in this DIV.

Then call the share button for this DIV by using the class.

The .element is the class of the empty div you added. You can change it according to your choice. Just be sure to use same as you added in that empty div.

It also comes with various configuration options which you can read here. These options lets you customize various things of individual sharing buttons of different social networks. Plugin’s documentation claims that you can customize it in any and every way. If you want to know how to customize the look and feel, then read the CSS styling documentation.




License: MIT


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