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SoundCloud is a global online audio distribution platform where users can upload, record, promote and share your original soundtracks. You can listen to SoundCloud tracks online but what if you want to download it. If you are looking for Soundcloud downloader and converter tool, you can try Vlufi. Vlufi is a nice Soundcloud downloader tool available for free of cost.

Not just download, it also offers the conversion option. SO, you can convert the Soundcloud track into OGG, WMV, WAV and few other formats.

Vlufi supports simultaneous downloads and you can download maximum to 100 Soundcloud tracks at the same time.

One bonus feature of this tool is to download Facebook videos and YouTube videos in bulk. So, you can additionally download Facebook videos and YouTube videos. It also allows you to video quality before downloading.


How to Use Vlufi Soundcloud Downloader and Converter

Download this software and install it in your system. The interface of the tool is simple. When you first open this software, it asks you to paste the link of SoundCloud link. At the same place, you can paste link of Facebook, YouTube and other supported services.

Soundcloud downloader

At the bottom left side, there is a big gear icon. Click on it to open the settings page. It is to note that the tool downloads audio only by default. If you want to download video, you have to enable this option. Otherwise, you will only get audio of YouTube and Facebook videos.

Soundcloud downloader

After pasting the link and changing the settings options, you can then click on Progress button (Play Icon) which is located at the bottom right side of the page. It takes time in progressing depending on the type of file you are downloading.

Soundcloud downloader

You can also check various options available in the settings page. It allows you to change the default download location, output format, audio format, video quality, and more. You can also enable proxy option if needed.

Final Words

This software is good and offers nice features. If you were looking for a good Soundcloud downloader tool, you can try Vlufi. Additionally, you have conversion option and Facebook/YouTube video downloading option.

Get this software.


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