‘Stretch’ is another Responsive CSS Grid System Framework


In this website, I have mentioned various CSS frameworks. Today, I am going to talk about a responsive CSS grid system framework called ‘Stretch.’ It comes with 12 columns grid layout which you can use in your web design. Columns can be pushed or pull as per requirements. Naming of classes is easy to understand and readable.

Stretch CSS framework

Unlike other CSS frameworks, it is just a grid system. For all other components, you will have to write your own CSS codes. This is the reason most of the designers do not prefer to use this and go with Bootstrap or similar CSS framework.

This CSS framework is for those who just want a CSS framework for grids and are ready to code other things manually.

How to use Stretch

Use of this CSS framework is easy. Download the files, include the CSS in the header and use the classes of this CSS framework in your code. See sample code below:

Above code will create a a grid that will cover the whole width.

Download Stretch




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