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How To Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device

capture scrolling screenshot

Few custom Android ROM such as MIUI offers scrolling screenshots of long screenshots. In OnePlus 5, OnePlus also introduced the scrolling screenshots. With scrolling screenshots feature, you can capture the full page screenshot containing the all details in the single image. But many smartphones still do not support scrolling screenshots. If your phone also does not support this natively, you can try these third-party apps for capturing scrolling Screenshots on your Android phone.

Scrolling screenshots help when the page is long and you are not able to get all details on viewing part of the screen to capture using normal screenshots.


There are numbers of third-party apps that capture scrolling screenshots. Even if the experience is not the same as you get with native scrolling screenshot option, it is better to have something than nothing.

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1. LongShot

LongShot is one of the best apps for capturing full page screenshot or scrolling screenshot. The app offers a “Capture Screenshot” method to capture the scrolling screenshots. Tap on this button and then open the app you want to capture using scrolling screenshot. Tap on the start button and start scrolling the page slowly until the point you want to take the screenshot of.


When you are done, tap on done button. It will automatically open the Longshot app with all the screenshots it captured. At the bottom, it has join button. Tap on it to combine all screenshots into one.

It automatically joins all the screenshots but you also have the option to change the stitching points by using adjust button near the joints. I tried a lot but couldn’t get the perfect scrolling screenshot as I get using the native option.

Download from Play Store

2. Stitch & Share

Stitch & Share

Stitch & Share is another similar app to capture scrolling screenshots. The process of capturing and joining the screenshot is same. Even in this app, you get the option to edit the screenshots to adjust the joints. You can also highlight a part of screenshot if you want.

Download from Play Store

3. Scroll Capture

Scroll Capture

Scroll Capture is also a similar kind of app that allows you to capture scrolling screenshot. But this app is limited to web pages. If you want to capture the scrolling screenshot of a web page, you can try this.

This app comes with a built-in browser. Enter the URL of the page and it will load the page. Now tap on capture button and wait for few seconds. You do not need to stitch multiple images.

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Final Words

These are few apps that help in capturing full page scrolling screenshots. These apps work fine but the experience is just fine. Sometimes, you will not see proper joins. The native option is still much better but limited to specific ROMs. If your phone’s software does not offer scrolling screenshot feature, try any of the given apps. Do not forget to share what app do you use to capture scrolling screenshot.

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