Take Snap of Facebook Updates with Blur name and Profile Pictures With Status Snapper

Take Snap of Facebook Updates with Blurred name and Profile Pictures With Status SnapperMany times we need to take snap of a Facebook conversation. But for hiding identity, we blur the profile name and pictures. Mostly bloggers and article writers use this. You may find many Facebook related tutorial which shows the whole process with snaps but blur photos and name. Most of the newbie use paint brush to color on Name and Profile picture. But it looks weird so we need something effective. If you want to do the same but do not know how to effectively blur the name and profile picture, you can use Google Chrome extension called Status Snapper.

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Status Snapper is a nice Google Chrome extension that takes the snap of a Facebook update and blue profile photos and profile name automatically. Install Status Snapper in Google Chrome. After installation, you will see Status Snapper icon in the URL bar of the browser. 

Status Snapper

Now open your Facebook account and go to a conversation to take snap. Click on the Status Snapper icon on the URL bar and you will find snap icon on all the conversations. 

Take Snap of Facebook Updates with Blurred name and Profile Pictures With Status Snapper

Just click on the icon and then finish to complete the snap process.

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Take Snap of Facebook Updates with Blurred name and Profile Pictures With Status Snapper

After clicking on the finish, Status Snapper takes the snap and upload it to the cloud. It also open the URL in new tab with snapped picture.

It is really a nice extension that saves your time and effort. Now you do not need to take snap, paste it on photo editing tools and then blur the name and images for privacy. Everything is so simple and fast.

Install Status Snapper in Google Chrome

Use Status Snapper and share your views about this extension with us.

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