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If you have switched to Mac OS X from Windows operating system, you will not feel comfortable. It is because many options are not same as in Windows. So, you may find it hard to perform various tasks in beginning. In similar things, you may find it hard to open Task Manager In Mac OS X. Actually, in Mac OS, there is no task manager. But it has Activity Monitor which is same as task manager for Windows. So, you can also call Activity Monitor as Task Manager for Mac. In this post, I will show you how to open and use activity monitor or task manager for Mac.

Primary reason for writing this post is that I found various people searching for task manager mac on different online forums. So I thought o explain the same thing in an article and use Task Manager in Mac as the title of the post. In reality, Task manager is the tool of Windows OS and it does not exist for MacOS. In MAcOS, we use activity monitor for the same things.

How to Open task Manager for Mac

If you want to open the task manager or Activity Monitor on Mac, you should go to Applications > Utilities, and then select “Activity Monitor” application. You can also open spotlight search and type activity monitor to open it.

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You can also open spotlight search and type activity monitor to open it. To open spotlight search, either click on Magnify icon at the top-right side of the screen or press command+space. Then search for activity monitor and open it by clicking on results.

Task Manager Mac

Once you open the activity monitor, you will see the task manager of Mac system.

task manager mac

Activity Monitor is the task manager for Mac OS. It displays processes of the system running under user-level, system-level and kernel level. If a program is running on your Mac computer, you can easily find it in Activity Monitor.

You can see what process is consuming the process and memory of your system. It also allows you to sort processes by PID< CPU usage and CPU Time. At below side, it also shows CPU load graph.

If you want to force quit Mac application, you can select the process of that app and click on the icon at the top-left side. See the below screenshot.

task manager mac

Click on that icon and confirm the force quit the process.

Final Words

This was the task manager for Mac or Activity Monitor of Mac OS X. You can do all those tasks which you could do in task manager for Windows. If you were also looking for task manager mac, I am sure you already got the solution. Now you also know that you should start calling it activity monitor.

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