How to tell if someone on Twitter has blocked You?


Twitter takes privacy seriously and has given an option to block the stalkers and abusive trolls. So, any user can block any other Twitter user for any reason. Blocking someone on Twitter takes just a few clicks and Twitter does not ask any reason for that. The other person who has been blocked will never get the notification about this. So, you will never know if you have been blocked by someone on Twitter.

Before you read more, you must know what does a block do?

When you block someone on Twitter, it has following effects.

  • He/She automatically unfollows you.
  • You automatically unfollow him/her.
  • You can’t follow each other again.
  • His/Her Tweets will not appear in your Timeline, even if they tag you.
  • He/She can’t view your Tweets when they’re logged in.
  • He/She can’t tag you in a photo.
  • He/She can’t add you to Lists.
  • He/She can’t send you Direct Messages.
  • He/She can’t view your Followers, Following, Likes, or Lists.

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Way to tell if someone on Twitter has blocked You?

If you think that a person has blocked you on Twitter but you are not sure, here are few ways to tell if someone on Twitter has blocked You?

Login into Twitter and then type the other person’s name in the search field. When the search gives the suggestions of the profile, click on it to open the profile of the person. If you are not sure about username, try searching by name and recognize the profile by the profile picture. If the profile is not public, you will not be able to find it on search. So, you need the username to open the profile.

In the profile page, if you see a “Follow” button on the person’s profile but you never unfollowed him, if means that the person blocked you some point of time. Try to follow the profile, if you are still blocked, Twitter will inform you that you are blocked and you cannot follow the account.

This is the only way to know if you have been blocked. Due to API restrictions, there is no third-party tool to tell what users have blocked you.

I hope this article helps in knowing what you have been searching. If you still have any kind of doubt, you can comment below and ask me.

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