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Top 5 Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact form Wordpress Plugins


Contact forms are the very important part of a website. So we all must have a contact form in our blog. Most of the WordPress themes now come with a dedicated contact form page. But many plugins still miss this. If you are using WordPress and do not know how to code a contact form with PHP in your WordPress, I will suggest you to use some available plugins for this. In this post, I have collected few WordPress plugins that will add a contact form in your website automatically.

Top 5 Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

These are 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. Easy Contact Form

Easy Contact Form WordPress plugin

Easy Contact is a simple contact form that adds a simple XHTML based contact form in the website. You only need to install the plugin and then use the short code [easy-contact] on any page or post. It also has so many other features that includes spam-reduction measures, GUI-based customization, carbon copying option, and more.


2. Contact Form 7

Contact For 7 WordPress plugin

Contact Form 7 is another nice WordPress plugin that adds contact form in a WordPress blog. It supports Captcha and Akismet for spam filtering. You can quickly add contact form in your WordPress blog.

3. Contact Form

Contact Form WordPress pugin

Contact Form allows WordPress bloggers to add an easy contact form or feedback form. You can change the email where this information will be sent. You can also add custom fields and a field for uploading a file.

4. Custom Contact Forms

Custom Contact Forms

Custom Contact Forms WordPress plugin allows us to add a fully customized contact form. You do need to have any kind of web design knowledge to use this plugin.

5. SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF)


SimpleModal Contact Form is another nice WordPress plugin that utilizes the power of jQuery. This plugin has not been updated for long time. I originally wrote the story almost two years back. SO, this plugin seems outdated. I will soon update the post to add recently launched good plugins.

There are so many other nice contact form plugins available which you search on the Google. But these 5 will suit for all kind of contact form you need in your blog.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can comment below and share your view with use.


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