5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress


Showing related post in blog helps in engaging the users more on the blog. Thus it helps in reducing the bounce rate of the blog and builds readership and stability to the blog. There are various related post plugins available but most of them needs some design skills. Those plugins shows related post in simple text links. But having related post with thumbnails looks nice and attract visitors to go through the content. It also encourages users to click and see the post if featured post is appealing. So, you must try adding related posts with thumbnails at the end of articles.

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In this post I am writing some nice WordPress plugin which shows related posts with thumbnails. Try any of these Related Posts With Thumbnails Plugins and see how it works for you.

Best Related Posts With Thumbnails

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP related post plugin


YARPP is the most popular related post WordPress plugin. It shows related posts on pages, posts and custom post types related to current post. It offers Thumbnail or list view or the related post. You can choose between any of these two.

There is also a Templating system to control how it should show. This plugin also allows you to display related posts in RSSS feed with given option. The only drawback of this plugin is that it is resource intensive and can put load on server if you use it on a large website. This can create trouble on shared web hosting if your website has good traffic..

I use this plugin on QuickWebResources. You can see related post below this post.


2. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is also a notable WordPress plugin to show related posts. It users contextual matching to show related posts. It can even show thumbnails. If there is no featured image, it users images used within the post. You can also use text only related posts.

The only problem is that it doesn’t template and you need to add your CSS to customise it. It may also create trouble if you are on a shared hosting and your website has large number of posts.


3. Related Posts Thumbnails

Related Posts Thumbnails

Related Post Thumbnails is a nice WordPress plugin adds related posts with thumbnails after the post. Plugin allows to customize thumbnail sizes, display settings and type of relation. You can specify number of related posts to display, start date, categories to show on and to include, top text, style settings, default image URL.

By default, it uses the first image appeared in the post. You can also select between ‘thumbnail’ and ‘medium’ size options. If you want to show related posts in the post body, you can use the given shortcode. It also brings a sidebar widget. You can also add it at a custom position by using the given PHP function.


4. Yuzo Related Posts

Yuzo Related Posts

Yuzo Related Posts is also a notable plugin to show related posts. It is also RTL ready. It has minimalist design and interesting effects. There is also a widget. You can easily customise the text, thumbnail size, layout and color to match your website’s theme. It supports all post types as well.


5. Related Post Slider


Related Post Slider is a lightweight plugin that shows related posts in horizontal carousel format to look good. It also allows you to customise it with CSS. There is also 2 Pre Styled CSS provided. One is dark colored theme and other for lighter theme. It has its own algorithm to show related posts and you can also use YARPP plugin to fetch Related Posts.

It also comes with a widget to show related posts in the sidebar. In case you want to put related post within the content, you can use the given shortcake.

Paid WordPress Plugins for Related Posts with Thumbnails

1. Related Content Plugin

Related Content Plugin

Related Content Plugin is a nice WordPress plugin to show related posts in WordPress posts. It comes in 3 different layouts. It also has 54 pre-defined templates. It also comes with several options to customise how it should look. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, bbPress and other custom post types.

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2. WordPress Thumby

WordPress Thumby

WordPress Thumby is also a premium plugin to show related posts after post or in side bar. It shows post in random order or variable number of posts. You can adjust number of related posts to show. It has Fully customizable widget template and style. It also supports custom post types and taxonomies. To offer better performance, it has internal caching system as well.

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These are the few Related Posts With Thumbnails Plugins. I hope this article helped you. You can use any of these WordPress plugins to add related posts. It will surely help you in reducing the bounce rate of your WordPress blog.

If you know any other nice related post plugin, share with us via comment. Do not forget to share this article with your friends who are also using WordPress.


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