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Top 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools


Selecting a good domain name for your new blog/website is really a typical task. There are many things which must be considered before selecting a good name. Domain name must be easy to learn and containing a good keyword. I will suggest you to go for some domain name suggestion tools before searching for the available domain names.

Here is the list of top 5 domain name suggestion tools.

Top 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

1. NameTumbler

NameTumbler Domain name suggestion

Nametumbler is a free domain suggestion tool. This free tool will create huge lists of keyword rich and generic domain names for your blog or website.You only need to enter a keyword and it will suggest you some nice domains. This tool also displays the availability of the domain.


2. DomainsBot


DomainsBot is a domain name search engine which allows users to search a good name for website and also suggest some expire domain names which can be good for your website

3. NameBoy


NameBoy is one of the popular domain name suggestion tools which gives the various combinations of words and also suggests you domain names based on the topic of your website and the inputs provided by you. Nameboy, the ultimate domain name generator, website name generator and the best way to search domain names.

4. StuckDomains


StuckDomains is a complete database of expired/deleted/dropped domain names where the previous owners of the domain have not renewed their subscription. It gives various options to refine your search and get the best name for your website. This tool also adds daily new features which improves the domain search results

5. DomainTools


DomainTools allows you to search current, deleted/expired domains and gives you with the best possible suggestions and also features inbuilt whois and DNS tools. This is also one of the most used domain name suggestion tools. You can also download the iPhone app of the tool to find the domain name from your iPhone.

These are some popular domain name suggestion tools. These tools will help you in selecting a good domain name.

What do you think about thee tools? which is the best domain name suggestion tool according to you? Which too do you use? Let us know via comments?


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