Top 5 Translation Plugins for WordPress


WordPress is not translation ready. So, it only allows you to create a website in English by default. But it does not stop you to create a multilingual website or a website in different language. There are various nice plugins which let you easily translate your WordPress website. In this post, I am listing 5 best translation plugins for WordPress.

Top 5 Translation Plugins for WordPress


WPML WordPress Multilingual PluginWPML is the most popular translation plugin. It is a premium plugin which makes WordPress site multilingual. Default WPML install comes with 40 languages support. With available language editor, you can add your local language. You only need to select languages and it will then add a dropdown in your WordPress website. Visitors can use this dropdown to select the language for your website.

WPML is compatible with all popular WordPress frameworks and thousands of WordPress themes. You can enjoy this plugin without any problem.



2. Multilingual Press Free

Multilingual Press

Multilingual Press helps you in connecting multiple websites as language alternative. So, if you want to use this plugin, you need to first have multiple WordPress installations for different language. Once you activate the plugin, it automatically create posts and pages in other languages you specify.


3. qTranslate


qTranslate is a popular free WordPress plugin which lets you create multilingual website. It comes with 17 languages support which you can select from back end. You do not need to create separate post for each language but you can translate posts and pages from within the post/page editors.

This plugin also offers a professional translation service within the dashboard.


4. xili-language

Xili Language translation WordPress plugin

Xili-language is also a nice translation plugin for WordPress which lets you create multilingual website. You can easily add new language from backend. But before using this plugin, you need to be sure that your theme is translation ready.


5. Stella


Stella is also a premium plugin which offers multilingual experience to your visitors. Visitors can easily select the language from language dropdown. You can select languages from backend and translation for these languages will be available for your visitors.

It is easy to use. While writing the post, it lets you write content  for each language. Different tabs will be available for each language.

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