TopUp – Free Library for Pop UP and LightBox


If you are looking for free script to display images in a pop up, You can try TopUp, a nice freely available JavaScript  This library is cross-browser compatible and easy to use. This library is jQuery and jQuery UI driven in order to maintain cross-browser compatibility and compactness.

This library is able to display various HTML elements in the pop up which includes web pages, images, Flash, Yuotube, QuickTime, iframes and DOM elements. For loading fast, TopUp is compressed with Yahoo! YUI Compressor.

These are the main features


  • TopUp is absolutely free, also for commercial use (view the license)
  • A very easy setup process: only one(!) include and nothing more
  • Using TopUp presets keeps your HTML code 100% clean, no extra code needed whatsoever
  • The ability of displaying images, flash (from sites like Youtube, SWF and FLV files), movies (QuickTime, Windows Media and Realplayer), iframes, DOM elements and raw HTML
  • TopUp can be used along with Prototype (just include TopUp before Prototype)
  • TopUp is compressed with Yahoo! YUI Compressor to 47.6 KB (includes JS, HTML and CSS)
  • Usage of CSS sprites to reduce the amount of image requests to two per layout for faster loading
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Fancy layouts, animations and transitions
  • Auto-correction of size and position when required
  • The possibility to create groups
  • Support for AJAX requests
  • It’s open source: check out and enhance TopUp yourself!
  • And many more…


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