Track and delete accounts associated with an Email with Deseat.me

Track and delete accounts associated with an Email with Deseat.me

There are thousands of services and millions of websites on the Internet. We daily signup for a service, use it for few days and then forget. Many times, these services by our email and create random accounts on our email and start sending emails newsletter.

With so many services out there, it becomes hard to track and delete the accounts from service we no longer need or we never used.

Deseat.me is a nice web app to solve this problem. It works for Gmail and shows you all those services where your email id is being used. Not just it shows the services, it also helps you deleting those web accounts in one click.

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To use this service, visit deseat.me and sign in with Google account. After you give it permission to access your account, it will access your data and will show you list of accounts with directions to use the service.


You will be shown to links in front of each service it shows. These options are: ‘add to delete queue’ and ‘keep’. If you click on the keep, it will be listed under a different section ‘My Accounts’. You can delete those account later.

If you do not want to keep the account, you just need to click on ‘add to delete queue’. If the service is popular, it will keep these services in a separate section ‘delete queue’.


After you have finished analyzing your accounts, you get two different sets. Now you have to focus on ‘Delete Queue’.

In Delete Queue, it shows you two options. These are Mark as deleted and delete. If you have deleted the account, click on ‘mark as deleted’. The delete option works only if the service is popular and there is a direct link to delete the account. Otherwise, this link will not work.

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