Turn Chrome’s New Tab Page into Similar to Windows 8 Start Screen


If you have ever used Windows 8 or using Windows 8, I am sure you like its metro start screen. Windows 8 tiles interface looks good and you can customize tiles to pin you favorite software. With a chrome extension, you can bring this metro tiles look to your Chrome’s new tab. With this extension, you will be able to access your favorite websites, bookmarks and apps on single new tab page as tiles.

Metro Tab extension Chrome

Download and install Metro Tab extension from Chrome web store. Once installed, it will customize the new tab page automatically. Open new tab and see your Metro Style New tab page. To add a tile, click on profile icon at top right corner and then Add Tiles

Metro Tab extension Chrome

Enter the details for the tile in new form and create tile. Add link, label and background color. You can also add a custom icon.

Metro Tab extension Chrome

And it will add a new tile on the new tab page. You can add your favorite websites and other blogs’ RSS feed. Once you click on RSS links, It will open in preferred RSS reader.

You can also customize colors and animations from the options. Here, you can also add custom CSS to customize your new tab page. In these tiles, you will also find a tile for finding original new tab page. If you want to access your original new tab page, either use this tile or uninstall the extension.

Install Metro Tab



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