UltraDefrag is a Powerful Opensource Defragment tool for Windows

Disk Defragmentation is the process of reducing the amount of fragmentation. Fragmentation happens in a disk volume over the time when you create new files, change or delete. Over the time, your disk become fragmented and hence it slows down the computer. So, defragmentation should be done regularly once in a month. Windows comes with a default disk defragmentation utility which offers good features. But there are many other tools which are better than this default disk defragmentation tool. Ultradefrag is a similar kind of opensource defragment tool for Windows.
Note: If your system has SSD drive, please do not defragment.UltraDefrag is a powerful defragmentation tool which not only defrag regular files but also system files including registry hives and paging files. It is available in binary version and portable version as well. But binary version offers advanced features including boot time scan and explorer integration. It also has a command line tool which lets you schedule the defragementation job through Task Scheduler.

Download UltraDefrag and install in your system. Installer is small and takes only few seconds in the whole installation process.

UltraDefrag is a Powerful Opensource Defragment tool for Windows

When you run the tool, it will show you all the disk drives of your system. Select any drive and then click on magnify icon to analyze the disk. It will take time depending on the disk size. Once the analyzation process is finished, it will show you the freagmentation of the drive.

In toolbar, you will see four kind of defragmentation buttons

  • Defragmentation (F6)
  • Quick Optimization (F7)
  • Full Optimization (CTRL+F7)
  • Optimize MFT (SHIFT+F7)

You can use any process. In brackets, I mentioned the shortcut keys.

While defragmentation, tools face big problem which is none of the defragmentaion tools can defragment locked files while Windows is running. So, this tool has added a cool mode called “Boot Time Scan”. So, it can defrag all the files before any locking. This feature is not available in portable version. To use this feature, click on settings and then select “Boot time scan.”

Boot time scan in UltraDefrag

It supports most of the available version of Windows including both Desktop PC and Server PC.

If you are thinking why to use this tool if you can defrag disk from the default defragmentation utility of Windows, see the below image to check the differences.

Compare UltraDefrag with Windows Defragmentation tool


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