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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser with lots of features to enhance your web browsing experience. very few people know that it has a built-in task manager that works similar to task manager in Windows and Activity Monitor in Mac OS. Google Chrome task manager allows you to get details of processes running in the Chrome browser, check memory consumption by each process and force a misbehaving tab or application to close.

Google Chrome has a multi-process architecture that allows each tab to run as a separate process. If a single tab crashes, it will not affect other tabs and will never result in entire browser shutting down.

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The Task manager is useful when Google Chrome starts responding slow. You can use it to check the processes running, CPU usage, memory usage and network usage of each open tag and plugin. In case you find something unexpected, you can always kill an individual process.

In this article, I will explain how to use Chrome task manager effectively.

How to open Task Manager in Chrome

Opening Task manager is easy, You can either learn Chrome Shortcuts or use the mouse to open. Click on Chrome Menu button (three horizontal lines) at top right-hand corner of your browser. Here, go to More tools and select Task Manager. In MacOS, these steps are same.
For opening with Keyboard shortcuts, use Shift + Esc (Windows); Search + Esc (Chrome OS).

Now you will see Task manager dialogue box that looks like the picture below

Task Manager in Chrome

It displays each tab along with plug-ins that are currently being used by the browser such as Flash or Silverlight. If you want to end a process, click on its name to select it and then click onEnd Process button.

Now you know how to use Task Manager in Google Chrome and use it to make your Chrome experience better. You can also use it to know what extension is consuming most of your system’s memory and disable it if that is not very necessary.

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