How to use HTML5 based Internet Speed Test Tool by Ookla

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I am sure you have heard about Ookla speed test. It is the website behind the tool This tool lets you test your internet connection speed by giving you the information of ping, download speed, and upload speed. This tool is useful in testing the speed of your ISP is providing and comparing with their claims. When I usually go for a new Internet service, the first thing I do to check the speed to see if the ISP is not cheating.

Why do you need an Internet speed test tool?

I think I have already answered this question. This is just to test if the ISP is providing the speed they are promising. Whenever you purchase an Internet plan, they promise a download/upload speed. So, it is your responsibility to test the speed you are actually getting. If you are not getting the speed they are promising, you should ask them to resolve the issue by raising a support request.

Now, Ookla’s tool has become a benchmark and is trusted by over million people around the glove.

Ookla’s tool is popular but the only problem is that it uses Adobe Flash to perform the test. Flash is the problem because browsers and internet communities are now ditching the flash. So, it has already stopped working on few browsers. So, Ookla decided to re-write their tool in HTML5 to support all the latest web browsers. No, this HTML5 based Ookla’s Internet speed tool is not new. It began testing this tool starting from December 2015 and the still company has not made it official by replacing the existing Flash-based Internet speed testing tool.

As the new Internet speed test tool was written in HTML5, you will no longer need to download a flash plugin to use it. Just open it and start using without downloading anything. It is also faster than previous tool.

How to use Ookla’s HTML5-based Speedtest tool

When you open Ookla’s, it opens the flash-based Internet speed test tool. And on the website, there is no mention about the HTML5-based speed test tool. It is available on the beta test link. Click on the link to open the Speed test tool and then click on the Begin Test button. It will start performing the speed test. After finishing the Internet speed test, you will be given ping, download speed, and upload speed.

Ookla’s HTML5-based Speedtest tool

If you know the meaning of these three, it is great. If it is not, you should read below:

  • Ping – Ping is basically the reaction time of internet connection. It tells that how fast you get a response after you’ve sent a request. It should be minimum.
  • Download speed – This is the maximum speed you are can get when you try to download something from the server to you PC
  • Upload speed – This is the maximum speed with which you can upload data on a server or on a website.

You can still use their main flash based They are still testing the flash-based Internet speed test tool and trying to find out if this tool is final to replace the existing speed test tool.

Ookla is not the only company providing this kind of speed testing tool. But, this tool is now too much popular and typing a query related to Internet speed test gives it as the top result. So, you should also know about their recent changes and new HTML 5 Internet speed test tool.

If you still have any doubt, you can ask us in the comments. Also let us know your favourite Internet speed test tool.

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