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If you use Instagram, you already know that Instagram downsizes images. So, the final images lose its sharpness and details after uploading on the app. When you tap on it, the image opens on a model dialogue. The size of the image depends on the size of your screen as the image has to fit not the screen. You cannot download the full-size image On the app, there is no option to save. Even if you are on the desktop, you cannot right click and save the image.

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Similarly, there is no option to see the full-size profile photo on Instagram. You can only see the cropped photo in the circular placeholder. I have already talked about this and published the article on how to see full-size Instagram Profile photo.

In this article, I will write how to see the full-size Instagram photos. This trick works only on the browser. So, you need to log in to the browser. If you do not have a laptop with you, you can try this trick on the mobile browser.

How to view Instagram pictures full size

Method 1:

Now open the browser and log in to your Instagram account. Now open the desired photo that you want to see.

The URL will be something like this:

Here, you need to remove the URL part after ?. For example, remove the ?taken-by=deepanker70

Now add media/?size=l after the URL. So, URL will be something like

open Full-size Instagram Photos

Now open this URL and it will redirect you the full-size image. You can also use ?size=m for medium size photo.

Method 2:

You can open the page source. For this, right click on the web page and select ‘View page source’.

View Full Size Instagram Photos

n page source, look for <meta property=”og:image” and you will find the image URL in the content section. See the selected page in the snapshot below.

See full size instagram photo

Open the URL for the full-size photo.

Download all photos of a post with multiple photos

Methods I added above cannot download all photos from a multiple photo post. So, you need to download a Chrome extension called InstaG Downloader. This extension lets you download all images and videos from an Instagram account. For downloading all full size photos from a multiphoto post, open that post after installation of this extension.

Then take mouse at the top right side of the photo. You will see three icons. The right most icon is to download. This icon will download one image at a time. So, you need to carousel navigation icon to slide to other image and then download that image.

Then take mouse at the top right side of the photo

This works for all public profile or on profile you follow. If you see a post, you can download photo or video from that.

Final Words

I added two methods of getting the Full-size Instagram photo. Both methods work fine for checking the actual photo uploaded by the user. If you wanted to view full size Instagram photos, you can now do that without downloading any third-party app. I have also added several Instagram tricks on my blog. Do not forget to check that.

If you have any question or confusion, you can always leave it in the comment.

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