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How to view Instagram Profile Picture in Full size



Instagram is popular photo sharing website that allows you to share photos, videos do live videos and share story. The app is now aiming 1 billion users in coming days. The app is addictive with millions of active users. On Instagram, you can see photos shared by users you follow. You can also browse popular public photos and videos in the search section.

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The only thing most of the people hate is that Instagram does not allow you see a full-size profile photo of an Instagram user. But there is a trick that lets you see the full-size photo or any user. You can even see the full-size photo of a private profile. The only important thing to note is that this trick works on the web. You can also see how to see full-size photos on Instagram in a previous article.

How to see Instagram Profile Picture in Full size

Now read how to see full-size Instagram profile picture


Open the Instagram profile on the web. Now right click on the profile and select first option ‘Open image in new tab’.

Instagram profile picture in full size

Now see the URL of the new tab and check the s150x150 thing.

You only need to remove this and URL will be something like this.

This new URL will open the full image.

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Download full-size Instagram profile picture on Android/iPhone

If you are on the mobile phone and do not want to open Instagram on the web, you can use the third-party apps to download the app. Here are the apps for Android and iOS.

Depending on your mobile platform, download any of these apps and download the full-size photo of any profile.

Final Words

Now you know how to see the full-size photos of any Instagram profile. You can either use the source of the page or use the mobile app I added in this article. It depends on your priority. Both methods work fine.



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