Virtual Keyboard with jQuery and CSS


Sometimes we need to add a dynamic keyboard in our web applications. Although it is rarely used but in secure applications, we need to implement a virtual keyboard to protect passwords from keyloggers.

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Combination of CSS and jQuery will help us to develop a nice virtual keyboard on web applications. I found a nice article on net.tutplus with a nice keyboard plugin and explain how to develop a virtual keyboard with the help of jQuery and CSS.

KeyBoard with jQuery and CSS


Developing a keyboard requiers a lot of HTML code to setup a keys and then CSS to arrange those keys as a keyboard on the web page. This nice plugin has each and every functionality available in the keyboard including shift key function to write upper keys. It also have capslock feature to write UPPER CASE letter. After reading this nice tutorials, you will learn most of the basic concepts of CSS and jQuery.

This keyboard JQuery Plugin is easy to embed in any web application and comes with JavaScript and CSS files. To customize this plugin, you need to edit css file.

Requirement: jQuery
Demo: http://d2o0t5hpnwv4c1.cloudfront.net/378_jqueryKeyboard/demo/index.html
Download: http://d2o0t5hpnwv4c1.cloudfront.net/378_jqueryKeyboard/demo.zip

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