5 Ways To Mirror Your Android Screen to Any Computer


Do you ever think of Mirroring your Android screen to your PC? Well, the feature was natively available for Windows Phone devices and it works well with Windows 10 Computer and smartphone running on Windows 10. Later the similar feature came to Samsung devices but you need the Samsung Dock for mirroring your smartphone screen to the computer. These two ways allow you to mirror your screen to computer and then work on that with.

But what if you want to mirror any Android phone with any computer? There are lots of ways to do this. No matter what the reason is, you should know how easily you can mirror an Android phone to any screen with freely available apps. There is no requirement for rooting and the process works well for both Windows and Mac PCs.

It is worth to note that you can do lots of things on your phone after you mirror it on desktop but gaming experience will not be good. You may also face bit lag. But these ways can be used to perform normal tasks and casual gaming.

If you were looking for “how to mirror android to pc“, this article is for you. Here you can find ways to mirror the android screen on pc. I tested several Android screen mirroring to pc apps and here are the best ways to follow.

How to Mirror Your Android Screen to Any Computer

Here are few ways to mirror phone to pc. All these apps allows you to mirror Android to PC, remotely control it, take screenshot and transfer files.

1. Vysor


Vysor is the most interesting app that allows you to bring your Android phone on your desktop and use it to control your Android phone, use apps and play games. As it comes in form of Chrome extension for desktop, it supports all the platforms.

You need to install Vysor Chrome app and install Vysor Android app on your device. When you have done the installation, connect the phone to your computer via USB and launch the Chrome app. It will successfully cast your Android phone to computer.

If you go with the paid version of Vysor, you also get an option to connect to Wifi, Full-Screen mode, Drag and drop file transfer support. In the free version, you can just mirror, control and take screenshots. The free version works fine but it shows video ads every 30 minutes or so.

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2. Mobizen


Mobizen is another nice app that allows you to cast your Android phone to a computer. You can record the screen, control, run apps, take screenshot and browse files of your Android phone directly from the computer. It also lets you remotely control your Android phone over USB cable, WiFi and even over your data connection.

For using this, you need to install Mobizen app on your phone. You need to create an account on the app and login. The visit the Mobizen website from your computer use the same account to log in. In the next screen, it will ask you to enter the six-digit OTP that is there on the Android app.

The only con with this app is the watermark. It supports mirroring over WiFi and mobile data even in free version. It works on the browser and you also have an option to install the software on your PC.

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3. Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Screen Stream Mirroring Free is also a good option to mirror or cast the Android screen to the computer over WiFi. It works only if both your Android Phone and Computer are on the same WiFi network. It does not support mobile data mirroring or USB connection.

For using this, install Screen Stream Mirroring Free app on your Android device. Next, tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left to access the streaming options. Here, select Web Browser option. It will give you IP address. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are also few other options for casting the screen.

Mirror Android to PC

Now open the web browser on your PC and enter the IP address to access the phone. It will show cast your phone on the browser. It also comes with a screen recorder. The only issues are the video Ads and time limit for casting.

This method also works on browser. So, you can easily use it on Mac, Windows or Linux PCs.

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4. Airdroid


Airdroid is the most popular way of casting an Android phone to PC. It works fine and does not interrupt your experience with video ads.

You just need to download the Airdroid app from Play store. The app is not just for casting the screen, but you have lots of other options. So, you must download it on your phone even if you have less use of casting feature.

After downloading, create an account on Airdroid. After this, tap on AirDroid web and you will get an IP address to access your phone. Enter the on your computer’s browser. It will ask you to confirm the connection by showing a pop-up on your phone.

Then you will have your Android Phone on your browser. You can access files, music and more. If you want to record phone’s screen or capture screenshot, click on Screenshot option.

There are no ads and it works even without WiFi. It does not add any watermark. This method can be used mainly to browse files of your Android device and record its screen.

Download AirDroid on your Android Phone

5. TeamViewer


TeamViewer is the most popular app for remote access. If you want to mirror your Android phone on your PC and control it, you can also go with TeamViewer. It works the same as Airdroid and does not alloy you with ads.

You just need to download and install TeamViewer Host app on your Android phone and account. This will assign the Android device to your list of TeamViewer devices. Next, open the browser on your computer and sign in to same TeamViewer account. You will see your Android device there. Click on connect and it will launch the Teamviewer app on your computer. Now you are ready to cast your screen.

This is free and works on any desktop platform. It does not show ads of watermark on the screen. You can use it to control your phone remotely and troubleshoot problems on your parents Android smartphone as well.

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Final Words

These are few ways to cast the Android phone screen to any desktop. If you are look fir ways to mirror android screen on pc, now you know how to do. All these ways use a browser to connect the desktop. So, these ways are platform independent. You can use these ways to access files and remotely control your Android phone. I hope you found this article interesting. There could be more similar ways. If you know any such way that should be in the list, I will be happy to include that in this article. So, do not forget to comment. If you have any suggestion or question, use the comment box.

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