What is a ‘Slofie’ and how to capture one?


When Apple launched its new iPhone 11 series, it used a new term called ‘Slofie’. If you haven’t watched the launch event and now thinking what exactly the Slofie is, this article is for you. Many people find the name Slofie weird. But Apple has a reason to use this term. In this article I will explain what is Slofie and how to capture a Slofie on iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro max.

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What is Slofie?

Slofie is the combination of two terms Slo-Mo and Selfie. So, Slofie is actually the slow-motion selfie.

The latest iPhone models feature 12 megapixels TrueDepth front-facing camera that can capture slo-mo videos at 120fps. So, you can capture some interesting moments using the Slofie feature.

Have a look at this video that Apple used to demonstrate the Slofie at the launch event.

Slow-motion videos certainly make a good effect but capturing one held at arm’s length may be a fun or can result in a worse output. You need to think something creative for an awesome slofie.

Here’s the one I captured on iPhone 11 Pro.

How do I capture a Slofie?

Capturing a Slofie is simple. You just need to launch the camera app, switch to the front-facing camera and select the Slo-Mo option. Now record something. The iPhone will automatically process the video to make it a Slofie.

You can use Apple Photos video editing tools to trim the start and endpoints of the footage or decide when to start the slow-motion effect. When you are done editing the slofie, you can share it to social media platforms directly from the Phone.

Apple is also trying to trademark ‘Slofie’ so no other company can use this term even if they bring the slo-mo videos to selfie camera.

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