9 Less Known WhatsApp Tips and Tricks


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service used by over a billion people around the globe. While most of the people just use WhatsApp for sending text, photos, videos and audio messages, there are some tips and tricks people can use to enhance their experience.

In this article, I will be telling you few WhatsApp tips and tricks that you can to use WhatsApp like a pro. I am listing 9 WhatsApp tips and tricks that you might not know.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Format your messages

Many few people know that WhatsApp allows you to format your messages. You can bold, italic and strikethrough your messages. You just need to use like this

*for bold*
_for italic_
~for strike through~

If you keep a message between asterisk, it will be made bold in conversation window. Similarly, use other formatting options.

Format your messages

2. Backup Conversations to Email

WhatsApp allows you to save a backup of your WhatsApp conversation in email. For doing this, click Options > More > Email chat.

Backup Conversations to Email

It works only for individual conversations and you can only send up to 40,000 messages in email. It also keeps media files if you want.

3. Configure the Privacy Options

WhatsApp allows you to control who can see your profile photo and status. If you keep your profile photo not available to unknown people, people that are not in your contact cannot see your profile photo. You can even hide your last seen and read receipts from the people who are not in your contact book.

You can change the settings at Options > Settings > Account > Privacy.

Configure the Privacy Options

Set to show Last seen, Profile Photo, About and Status to only “My Contacts”.

4. Use Assistant or Siri to send WhatsApp message

Google Assistant and Siri both support sending WhatsApp messages. So, you can easily send WhatsApp messages by using voice commands to Siri or Google Assistant depending on your mobile phone.

Just say “Ok Google, Send a WhatsApp message”. Then it will ask you about sender and message. When you are done, it asks you to confirm sending.

Use Assistant or Siri to send WhatsApp message

Similarly use Siri to send the message.

5. Hide Chats from Conversation List

If you do not want to clear or delete a conversation but want no one to read it even if her/she has access to your WhatsApp, you can hide it. WhatsApp offers an option to archive a conversation. For this, Tap and hold a particular chat and click the archive button in the action bar. It will keep your message in archive.

Hide Chats from Conversation List

Whenever you want to read the conversation saved in Archived chats, scroll to the bottom in the conversation list and click on the link Archived chats.

6. Pin chats at top of all conversations

Some chats may be more important. You can pin these chats on WhatsApp and these will be at the top of all conversations. For pinning a conversation at the top, Tap and hold on it and select the pin icon from action bar. After this, pinned conversation will appear at the top of your chat list.

Pin chats At top of all conversations

7. Draw on your photos you are sending in a conversation

Have you ever noticed that you can draw or write a text on a photo you send in WhatsApp conversations. When you try to send a photo, you can look at the toolbar located on the top. You see icons for crop, smiley, text and pencil. Use any of these to draw.

8. Create shortcuts to specific conversations

If you have few people whom you talk a lot, you can create a shortcuts for those specific conversations on Android. It makes it easier for you to access the chats. You can directly tap on shortcut to open the conversations.

For making chat shortcuts, follow chat > Menu > More > Add Shortcut or Chats.

Create shortcuts to specific conversations

9. Save your data allowance

If you regularly use mobile data, you can tweak settings to limit mobile data usage. For this, follow Settings > Data and Storage Usage.

Save your data allowance

Here, you can stop media auto download and even enable low data usage for calls.

Final Words

There are lots of tricks, but I just tried to add those that are actually less known. Now most of the people know how to reply to a specific message, tag a person in conversation, send photos without compression, share live location and more. So, I focused on those that people usually ignore. These tricks are really useful and will surely improve your experience.

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