Why Not to Buy Adsense Account From Anyone

Recently I got a mail from a person who wants my help to get an adsense account. I suggested him to make website content better and enough along with a top level domain for website. But after some day, he sent me another mail saying that he has bought an adsense account for 1000 Rs. ( Approx $20).

After reading this, I was shocked and wanted to laugh on him but I did not do any thing and ignored. But then I thought to tell my readers about this. Actually buying an adsense account is just a waste of money. If you want to know why then read full post carefully.

Google adsense is an affiliate program of Google. Any website owner can participate in this but the website must qualify on Google’s terms and conditions. Now Here comes the main point. A website will only get approval for India (Ignoring few special cases) if website is on Top Level Domain and have 6 months time on internet. But after getting an approved adsense account you can place Google Ads on any sub domain website or any new website.

But Most important thing is that website must not have porn or illegal content including hacking or cracking content.

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If you have applied for adsense account and you were not accepted, that means your website was not as per terms of Google Adsense. So try to fulfill those criteria. But if you do not want to wait for 6 months to have an account. And you want to pay anyone for adsense, then you should know these things.

  1. Google gives no option to change payee in most of the countries (Including India). See list here..
  2. Google adsense is not a money tree.

Hmm I know you are confused with the second point but its true. Google Adsense is not a money tree. You have created a websit and can not wait for 6 months so want to buy adsense at any cost. is it? then listen Google pay for only clicks on ads and some times for impressions. And you are not allowed to click on ads om your own website.. Google is smart enough to trace your clicks. So How can you earn money with your newly created website which has almost no traffic. Google will not pay you for just having an adsense. You have to create a good website for that which have some visitors and for good earning visitors should be more than 1000 per day having 500 from search engines.

If Google was not approving your website for your content, you will get no benefit from your bought Adsense. In 7-10 days, Google will stop serving ads on your website and will send you notification to remove illegal content.

Now ask to your self, do your website have so much visitors to earn money from adsense. I have seen many of my friends got payout after 9-11 months in adsense. And many had lost patience and tried to get earning by invalid clicks before they got ban.

So the main fact is that your website’s quality and traffic are most important for adsense earnings, only having adsense is not enough. So think again on wasting money in buying adsense. And if you have a good traffic on your website that is as per Google’s quality guidelines, you do not need to buy adsense, you will surely get approval.

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Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.

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