Why Should You Not Trust on Facebook Hacking Tools?

Why Should You Not Trust on Facebook Hacking Tools?

Facebook is the most popular social networking website with more than 1 billion users. We all use Facebook to connect with friends, meet news friends and business networking. This is the reason why hacker always look to hack Facebook account and get personal information and photos of Facebook users. People give different reasons why they want to hack Facebook accounts but most of the people want to learn how to hack Facebook account. I have seen many kids who always look for Facebook hacking tools and scripts. When I look the popular searches of my security and hacking related blog, I found that 70% people were searching for Facebook hacking tools, tutorials and tricks. But they are only wasting their time in searching Facebook hacking tool. In this post, I am explaining why you should not search for Facebook hacking tools.

Are Facebook Hacking tools or Facebook Hacking online service Fake?

When I searched for Facebook hacking tool, I found many online and offline tools claiming to hack Facebook accounts within a minute.
Why Should You Not Trust on Facebook Hacking Tools?
Few services claims to hack the Facebook account just by users’ email address or profile URL.
Facebook is the biggest social networking website that hires best security engineers. It spend millions on security of Facebook. I do not think that they build a website too weak that you can hack other person’s account just by giving a person’s id or username.
Then you will ask me this question: “Are Facebook Hacking tools or Facebook Hacking online service are Fake?”
Yes, all tools that claims to hack Facebook just by email address of profile URL are fake. But few Facebook hacking tools are some kind of keyloggers that may work.

Why Should You Not Trust on Facebook Hacking Tools?

As I already mentioned that most of the tools are fake and few tools are variants of Keylogger that may work. But you should never try these tools on your system. These tools always come with risk. Although I said that few tools may work, but please never use these tools. These are special crafted tools binded with Trojan. Hackers upload these tools as Facebook hacking tool. When you use these tools, you put your system at risk.

Sometimes hacker only upload a dummy file on a file hosting website that pays per download. By claiming this dummy website, they try to increase download and earn money.

Online tools asks you to complete survey and thus they make money with each survey you complete. At the end, you get nothing but they earn few bucks. Sometimes it also asks you to download and install a kind of file. It may be adware or spyware.These are the main reasons why you should not trust on Facebook hacking tools. It may harm you and can put your system and even your Facebook account at risk.

What to Do If You Really Want to Learn How to Hack Facebook Account

Facebook is secure enough, so you can not use any ready made tool to hack password from Facebook’s server. You will have to trick users to reveal their passwords. For this, you can use Phishing attack, Keylogger and social engineering attack. By using these attacks, you can steal passwords of Facebook users. You can also learn more complex attacks to be advance Facebook hacker. If you know application security and use of exploits, you can do it with zero day and other vulnerabilities that may exist at any point. But these are for advance security researchers. But you are at this post, it means you know nothing related to application security.
If you are beginner and want to learn hacking, try step by step and learn different kind of hacking attacks. No ready made tool can make you hacker. Join hacking forums and groups and read popular hacking magazines and blogs.
At the end I also want you to beware of so called hackers on Facebook. Adding Hacker in Facebook profile name does not make a person hacker.
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