WordPress Plugins For SEO Friendly images

Plugins for Image SEO

Images are the important part of website. It makes content easy to understand. You can also optimize these images for image organic traffic. For this, you need to have SEO friendly images in your website. They appear better in image search results and gives you bonus organic image search traffic. I have already written an article where I explained how images can bring good traffic to your website. Recently, Google also removed an option to view images in image search. So, people are forced to visit the website if they want to save images. Now you have more chances of getting traffic from Google images.

What is image SEO?

For making SEO friendly images, we must use proper keyword in the title and ALT tag of the image. Adding the ALT tag in the image is easy. When we upload the image in WordPress, it shows a simple form just after uploading. At that time, we can add ALT tag in the image.

I always add ALT tag in the image just after uploading to make images search engine friendly. But most of the time, i had uploaded images without adding ALT. So there are so many images in the website which do not have proper ALT tag. Searching all those images which do not have ALT tag and adding ALT tag manually in those is not an easy task. And this tough task is really necessary to make website search engine friendly.

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WordPress Plugins For image SEO

1. SEO friendly images

WordPress Plugins For SEO Friendly images

SEO friendly images is a nice WordPress Plugin which automatically adds ALT tag in the images with the preference you set in the plugin’s setting.

If you use proper name of the image, you can use %name in the attribute settings. For better result you can use %name %title. Even if this plugin is not in active development, you can still use it without any problem.

Download SEO friendly images plugin

2. SEO Optimized Images

SEO Optimized Images

SEO Optimized Images is another nice plugin that lets you dynamically add Seo Friendly attributes to images. It adds ALT and TITLE attributes. Just install this plugin and activate. After this, you need to provide the pattern and you are done. By using patterns, you can can insert image name, post title and post category in title and alt.

The only thing you must note that it does the insertion dynamically. So, there is no change in actual content. If you deactivate the plugin, everything will be back to as it was before the installation of plugin.

Download SEO Optimized Images

3. Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer

Image name also affect the image ranking. Even if it is not a big factor, you may still think of using a relevant name with keyword for better optimization. So, you have two options. Either you rename an image before uploading it to the WordPress, or use Media File Renamer plugin for doing these changes later. For all the new images, I recommend you to change the name before uploading. Use this plugin just for images you have already uploaded.

Download Here

Final Words

These are the three notable plugins that have considerable impact in image SEO. If you want to optimize images of your blog to get better traffic from Google Images, you can think of trying these plugins. We have also written several articles on WordPress optimization and WordPress SEO. You should not miss those articles.

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