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You may contribute to Quick Web Resources by providing articles on website development, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, MySQL, blogger, WordPress, blogging, SEO, social media marketing and other website design or web marketing related tips.

In return you will get full credit for the post, an author page with a bio and your website will also be linked at the top and bottom of every post you make.

Apart from traffic and credit, we also offer Adsense revenue sharing program, which well help guest bloggers to monetize their post. Any blogger having Google Adsense account can monetize their post and earn life time passive income.

Update: We do not offer adsense revenue sharing any more.

Read: How to Add adsense code for adsense revenue sharing program

Rules & Guidelines
Unfortunately, there are always rules.

  • The rules are in place to ensure that the quality of posts and integrity of the site remains high.
  • The post/article should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web including your own blog (neither party benefits from duplicate content)
  • Any images used in the post cannot mess up the design of the site. As a guideline, the max width of any picture you post should not exceed 550 pixels.
  • It is ok to link to your own blog if it is relevant to do so (eg. referring a coding example or whatnot). However, you should not write articles around topics to justify a link to your blog and you should not actively encourage visitors to visit your blog. Remember, you get a link to your blog at the top and bottom of your posts plus a link on your author page which is also linked to at the top and bottom of every post and the links are clearly marked so that your site gets exposure.
  • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

Not Allowed

  • Duplicate Content
  • Illegal Content
  • Self Promoted Posts/Articles
  • Affiliate Links in Articles
  • Paid or Sponsored Articles/Links
  • Fake Author Info Or Fake Name
  • Link to Bad Sites/ Banned sites/ Adult Sites/ Warez Sites OR Blogs
  • NSFW Images or Links (Not Safe For Work)

Basic Requirements:
We need the following details from you viz.

  • Short biography (with full name), so that people get to know about you.
  • Your Website/blog URL, so that you gain back-link for your site/blog. If you don’t have a website, you can link to your twitter or any other social media account.
  • Gravatar or Avatar (a small image), so that people can easily identify you.
How to Submit a guest post
Register to webtips and write your post direct from the WordPress Dashboard. If you are not familiar with WordPress, you can Email us the article MS Word format at [email protected]

Register from the link at the bottom of the website and start writing quality posts with passive earning life time..

Update: Due to spam registration, i have disabled registration. Email me at deepanker70 [at] for getting an account. after getting accont, you will be able to configure adsense account for revenue sharing program.

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