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We have already covered many Facebook tricks, hacks and tools on UseThisTip to make Facebook fun for you. We have posted how to add big photo on chat, use text in different text fonts, styles and other cool Facebook chat tricks. Today, we are posting a simple but nice tool if you want to write in bigger font in Facebook chat.

Write in DifferentFont on Facebook UseThisTIP Facebook Text Tool

Below, you will see two text areas. Write the desired text in the upper text area. The tool will convert the text it different style in the lower text area. You only need to copy the text of lower text area and paste in Facebook chat. Text converted to big font also works on Facebook status. So, you can now write in different font in chat and status both.

function flip() {
var result = flipString(document.f.original.value);
document.f.flipped.value = result;

function flipString(aString) {
var last = aString.length – 1;
var result = new Array(aString.length)
for (var i = last; i >= 0; –i) {
var c = aString.charAt(i)
var r = flipTable[c]
result[i] = r != undefined ? r : c
return result.join(”)
var flipTable = {
A : ‘uff21’,
B : ‘uff22’,
C : ‘uff23’,
D : ‘uff24’,
E : ‘uff25’,
F : ‘uff26’,
G : ‘uff27’,
H : ‘uff28’,
I : ‘uff29’,
J : ‘uff2a’,
K : ‘uff2b’,
L : ‘uff2c’,
M : ‘uff2d’,
N : ‘uff2e’,
O : ‘uff2f’,
P : ‘uff30’,
Q : ‘uff31’,
R : ‘uff32’,
S : ‘uff33’,
T : ‘uff34’,
U : ‘uff35’,
V : ‘uff36’,
W : ‘uff37’,
X : ‘uff38’,
Y : ‘uff39’,
Z : ‘uff3a’,
a : ‘uff41’,
b : ‘uff42’,
c : ‘uff43’,
d : ‘uff44’,
e : ‘uff45’,
f : ‘uff46’,
g : ‘uff47’,
h : ‘uff48’,
i : ‘uff49’,
j : ‘uff4a’,
k : ‘uff4b’,
l : ‘uff4c’,
m : ‘uff4d’,
n : ‘uff4e’,
o : ‘uff4f’,
p : ‘uff50’,
q : ‘uff51’,
r : ‘uff52’,
s : ‘uff53’,
t : ‘uff54’,
u : ‘uff55’,
v : ‘uff56’,
w : ‘uff57’,
x : ‘uff58’,
y : ‘uff59’,
z : ‘uff5a’,
1 : ‘uff11’,
2 : ‘uff12’,
3 : ‘uff13’,
4 : ‘uff14’,
5 : ‘uff15’,
6 : ‘uff16’,
7 : ‘uff17’,
8 : ‘uff18’,
9 : ‘uff19’,
0 : ‘u0030’,
for (i in flipTable) {
flipTable[flipTable[i]] = i


Type Your Text Here in Text Area

Converted Test is Here Copy And Paste It in either Facebook chat of Status.

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